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Our Mission
To provide safe, reliable and proven technology to allow parents to select the sex of their child.

Company Profile
Gametrics Limited has been offering patented sex selection since 1975,  with thousands of children born due to the use of our technology.  We currently have domestic and international centers licensed to offer the Ericsson Albumin Method.

Our company president, Dr. Ericsson PhD, is an American scientist who developed the Albumin Method while conducting research in Berlin, Germany. He is a member or past member of 11 scientific societies, holds 10 U.S. patents and has authored 77 publications in medical-biological journals and textbooks in the field of male reproduction. Co-author of a book, "Getting Pregnant in the 1980s". The subject of more than 1000 interviews worldwide for television, radio, newspapers, magazines and books.

Gametrics Limited - Location of Sperm Centersthat offer Gender Selection

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