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The information on how to license technology from Gametrics Limited on sperm isolation for sex selection, infertility and sperm preservation is directed to: gynecologists, andrologists, infertility clinics, IVF Centers and hospitals.

Gametrics Limited offers a ten year license agreement, to qualified parties, to use our technology for the above uses. There is an initial license fee and quarterly royalty payments in the USA. International Centers are provided with sperm isolation kits which are purchased from Gametrics Limited. We in return train personnel, on site, in the use of the sperm isolation technology and provide all of the technical know how to setup and operate the Sperm Center.  Each of the trained Sperm Centers becomes one of many that offer this technology and are included in our international system to direct prospective couples to the Sperm Center in their area or the Center of their choice.

Gametrics Limited also acts as a source for answers to technical problems.  Each Center is provided  periodic clinical updates on results as collected from the Sperm Centers throughout the world. We further keep all Centers informed on any advances in the technology that would improve conception rates or the chances of obtaining the sex of the child desired.

Details on the License Agreement can be obtained by contacting Gametrics Limited.

Ronald J. Ericsson, PhD

President & CEO