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EPIBLOC: TOXICANT-STERILANT FOR RODENT CONTROL (Field Tested on Three Continents to Control Rodents)

ANDROSCORE CORPORATION       (Home Use Medical Device To Test Male Fertility) - FertilitySCORE® 


Contact Information (Ronald J. Ericsson, PhD, President)

Telephone: 307-878-4494 - Texas Office: 432-364-2645

Postal addresses: 426 Lonesome Country Road, Alzada, Montana 59311 USA and 613 Cottonwood Creek Road, Alpine, Texas 79830  USA

Electronic mail: ericsson@childselect.com  or



FertiPro is the contract manufacturer.

FertiPro N.V. 
Beernem, Belgium
Fax: 32 50 79 1799 
E-mail: info@fertipro.com

Questions about the use of the Kit or to purchase these Kits for use within other regions of the world (sales within the USA will commence when FDA approval is received)  contact: